IOPE Age Corrector 2500 3ml Sample Trial
IOPE Age Corrector 2500 3ml Sample Trial

IOPE Age Corrector 2500 3ml Sample Trial

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IOPE Age Corrector 2500 3ml Sample Trial

size: 3ml

- Anti-aging wrinkle serum that enhances the skin's elasticity feature and provides collagen spring effect to improve skin under-eyes and smooth out deep wrinkles.
- Age Corrector 2500 ingredient improves skin under the eyes reducing deep wrinkles, and gives a smooth and firm care improving elasticity.
- 100% naturally derived elastic components, which is derived from the noble plants, give moisturizing and elasticity to the areas of concern.
- Step melting formula™ fills up skin with moisture creating smooth and firm skin, and it increases the moisturizing power.

1. Frown lines
Age Corrector 2500 targets deep wrinkles around hard-to-treat areas such as the undereyes and nasolabial area, and smoothes and tightens skin that has grown wrinkled due to aging and reduced elasticity.

2. R.2500™
New antiaging ingredient R.2500™ promotes the generation of collagen springs and blocks decomposition for focused improvement on wrinkles formed as a result of aging and reduced elasticity.

3. Oleanolic Acid
Oleanolic Acid is a 100% naturally derived firming ingredient extracted from the violales plant recharges areas of concern with moisture and firmness.

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