HERA Age Away Collagenic Special Kit (5ea)
HERA Age Away Collagenic Special Kit (5ea)

HERA Age Away Collagenic Special Kit (5ea)

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HERA Age Away Collagenic Trial Kit (5 iitems) Sample Trial

Set includes:
1. Age Away Collagenic Water - 15ml
• The rich-textured formula wraps around the skin with a densely-filing, supple and moisturizing sensation to reveal a radiant look.

2. Age Away Collagenic Emulsion - 15ml
• The formula softly penetrates skin to deliver its abundant nutrients and optimizes the oil-moisture balance to boost your skin’s condition.

3. Age Away Collagenic Serum - 5ml
• Nourishing and firming serum that boosts bounce with collage cube
This serum energizes withered skin to invigorate its inherent strength, while also giving it a bouncy and lively radiance with enhanced ERP.

4. Age Away Collagenic Cream - 5ml
• The bouncy formula spreads out at the touch of skin to form a firming and moisturizing barrier, then leaves a velvety finish to keep skin smooth and even.

5. Age Away Collagenic Eye cream - 5ml
• Eye area texturizing cream with a bouncy melting balm formula that smooths the skin around the eyes
This soft, melting balm formula, dedicated to the eye area where the skin is thin and has low sebum production, adheres tightly to firm and smooth.

Suggested use:
Collagenic Water > Emulsion > Cream > Eye cream

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